Testimonial for Noor Confinement SG services

Thank You Sarah

"Hi sis. I would like to give you my sincerest gratitude and thanks for accommodating my (quite last min) request for confinement meals. The meals for the past 2 weeks have been nothing short of amazing, nutritious and made me lose 7kg within 2 weeks alone. We (my Husband included) are very pleased with the services rendered and would recommend you to relatives and friends in the future. Thank you once again!!!"

Thank You Sabrina

"thank you sooo much sis for the food that you've provided..terasa mcm makanan yang prepared by a loving mother..tak lokek segala-galanyer..portion pun alhamdulillah..slalu nyer cukup sampai mlm..kadang boleh share ngan anak2 i lagik..in fact frankly tak terasa rindu ngan my mom's cooking..felt the love in every single bite..and the seriously fast 'recovery service' which i rasa tak perlu..coz masih boleh makan kepala ikan tu..but yet you took the trouble to prepare another dish for me and have it sent immediately..when u are ikhlas in whatever u do..people sense it..and i doakan ur biznes terus maju sis..coz it's not easy getting good,halal & "they know what" confinement food is nowadays..i lost weight also partly due to ur food..yey!!"

Thank You Amaluna

"As'salamualaikum Kak Siti. 
I would like to thank you for the wonderful confinement food. They were healthy and nutritious esp for me, who is a first-time mum. I will recommend your service to my pregnant friends.

Thank you once again for the service. No regrets (but should have taken the lunch and dinner. hehe. Next time la when I give birth to my second child).

😊 Take care and have a great day".

Thank You Rida

Assalamualaikum sis, May Allah bless you abundantly with rizqi, health and happiness for nourishing mommies and lil ones with nutritious food during our confinement period. I am glad to continue for another 7 days to finish off my confinement period. Thank you for your warm, personalised and awesome service.

Thank You Syafiqah

This is my second pregnancy and both my supply naturally on the low side but still happy coz at least its regular. I still trying to find my booster! In sha allah your confinement food has been helping me too esp the sayur bayams!

Thank You Ira

Just wanna thank you a million for providing one of the healthiest food ive had during my confinement for the past 15days. With great portions i wish u all the best in ur future endeavors. May ur business flourish well. In Shaa Allah. 😘😘

Thank You Ariel

Received my last lunch bento😭😭😭 Loved every bento served. Thank you for sharing the helpful infos and taking my last minute order. May Allah SWT bless you and your lovely team.

Thank You Habibah

Alhamdullilah. you catered the food within a short notice.. this shows your customers are important to you. Insha Allah .. ameen..

Thank You Lyna

I would like to say thank u for providing me with healthy and sedap food during this confinement period. It has been a breeze engaging your service. May Allah bless your business always. Amin.-Lyna

Thank You Nurul

I love the food. Very delicious

Thank You Farah

Food: delicious. I love the grilled fish with spices especially and the brownies! Can finish in within few hours. Very flexible in catering customer’s needs. Eg i prefer carrots and potatoes over green veges. 
Services: very efficient from menu send, payment wise and delivery. Very flexible. Going the extra miles and wanted to deliver down to kkh when my daughter was admitted.-Farah

Thank You Norlela

 I love the food.thnk u for the prompt delivery too.

Thank You Aireen

Thank u for all the healthy delicous meals and desserts. -Aireen

Thank You Yati

Tq for the past 1 mth for ur confinement food..its so nice 😋😋...every day lunch its my mum who is so tk sabar what is the menu..as for me i love everything especially the drinks..tq for all ur doa n encouragement n also the gifts..May Allah blessed u n family and also ur business..amin

Thank You Shareefa

Alhamdulillah it was a blessing engaging with you during my confinement period. Its been a pleasure. May allah bless you with the best for your hardwork

Thank You Farhah

The meal is good. Healthy tahap maximum,Ur lactation cookies r the best!-Farhah

Thank You Seri

Thank you for cooking the meals and baking the meals throughout 22 days.  Semoga semakin bertambah rezeki dan diberikan kesihatan😘

Thank You Sholehah

Will recommend to others for sure. Thnk u so much for putting so much thoughts in all ur cooking!

Thank You Khairudeen

We are enjoying the meals indeed. Shukur Alhamdullilah. May Allah bless u for been kind. Ameen.

Thank You Julz

thank u once again for providing the delicious meals throughout the 15 days! It was a pleasure to hv discovered ur fb page and for sure i hv nvr regret ordering from u ur services hv been wonderful and ur prompt reply to my enquiries are greatly appreciated. May u succeed in ur business and be blessed by Allah. I will sure recommend ur svc to anyone who needs help in confinement food 😉👍🏻

Thank You Aishah

Love your lactation cookies 💕So sedap!

Thank You Izza

Thank you once again.. all the food sent was great! First with real confinement food and I must say it helped me lose weight so much faster comparing to my previous postpartums.. 🤩

Thank You Aisyah

Thank you for being part of my confinement journey. Alhamdulillah, been eating healthily & i can feel my milk supply  is increasing after eating yr lactation goodies thank you

Thank You Liza

Salam sis, thank u for your delicious food during my 15 days...Nasib lah ini last child kalau dari tau dAri 1st dah order  dg u...The portion are huge.   Whole house ole makan.My helper happy jer tk payah masak...🤣Thank u...😘

Thank you Sis Rozita
Assalamualaikum sis. My package ends today. Would like to extend my sincere thanks to you for the confinement food arrangement. Service was good. The meals prepared were definitely nutritious for recuperating mummies, the nutritional contents shared with us everyday were greatly informative. The meals were very neatly packed, appropriately apportioned & the cookies were really soooo yummy. Thank you so much sis.!😘

Thank you Sis Hilliyah
Salam sis, today marks my last day with your confinement food.
It has been a wonderful 3 weeks journey eating meals prepared by you. Something I really look forward to, to enjoy and feel pampered since it can be "chaotic" looking after a toddler and infant singlehandedly.
Thank you for the generous portions and your extra touch in providing useful information for all the mummies.
I pray your business continue to be successful and may Allah always bless you and your business journey amin. Take care sis 💙💖