Hearty Salad Set - Delivery charges inclusive
Hearty Salad Set - Delivery charges inclusive
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Hearty Salad Set - Delivery charges inclusive


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A filling Salad bento meal with a refreshing and nourishing drink delivered to your doorstep.  

Our healthy meals can be used as fitness food to aid with weight loss, recovery from health conditions or for general healthier eating and living. Our foods are full of Asian and fusion flavours perfect for meal prep with a difference.

***VEGAN dietary available too** 

Spinach/Rocket leaves Base:

The foundation of most salad, adds substance, crunch, water and fiber for few calories. Toss in and out for addition vitamin with mixes baby greens, green crisp and baby spinach, these are rich in vitamins A, C and K. 


Crunchies like bell peppers, grated carrots, edamame, Zuchinni and tomatoes provide flavor, fiber and vitamin for few calories but high in Vitamins.


Protein such as lean meat, tofu, eggs and beans will help bulk up your salad and keep you full longer. Lean protein are grilled chicken, beans of all kinds, chickpeas, tofu, hardboiled eggs, COD loin and Salmon.  Nuts and seeds are popular in salads as protein, also healthy source of good fats.


People love cheese, so they tend to pile up multiple servings of it in their salads. While cheese is a nutritious food that adds flavor, calcium and protein, to keep calories in check, use a single serving of cheese (approximately 2 tablespoon). Additional Ingredients:  Flaxseeds, Quinoa, Buckwheat Drink Served:  Freshly Brewed and Chilled Gymnema leaves Tea  A traditional remedy for various ailments, including diabetes, helps to lower “bad” LDL cholesterol levels, triglycerides and reducing sugar cravings.