Welcome to Noor Confinement Singapore

Our Story

Noor’s confinement came about in 2008. Late Mdm Noor quit her job of 20 years and started a canteen stall in Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park. Thru the journey, she started receiving request for healthy meals for mummies in confinement and also for patients who requires being on strict dietary meals.

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Postnatal Recovery

is an important process. Our purpose is to ensure mummies get the nutritious food to replenish energy and recovery from delivery. Our confinement diet greatly differs from regular food as it contains high quality and fresh ingredients and infuses with the multi-racial recipes. 

  • Eat Halal & Clean

    Specially prepared and cooked using only Halal products, nutritious and freshest ingredients.

  • Contact / E-mail

    Let us know of your preference or dietary requirements. Reach us using our form or email us.

  • Delivery

    Meals will be delivered once a day between 10.00 am to 1.00 pm
    ( Monday to Sunday -Inclusive of PH)


When should I place the order booking?

We strongly encourage customer to place the order at least 12 weeks before your EDD so as to take secure a slot.

Can I split my package to multiple dates?

We strongly encourage customer to stick to their package as we are unable to provide replacement meals.

What happens if I deliver earlier then my estimate due date?

For confirmed bookings, meals will be delivered even if you deliver earlier or much later then EDD.

To activate delivery, do contact us at 97520098/97101558 2-3 days in advance.

If I don't take beef, is it possible to request for dish replacement?

Yes, only for beef, we will try to replace another dish.

What type of meat, seafood and poultry, do you provide in your dish?

Only the freshest, trust us to serve you.

How is the payment method?

For Bank Transfer
Deposit: $20
50% - 1 week before EDD / Upon Commencement of meal
50% Balance- 3 days before end of service

For Credit Card Payment (please contact us for ordering)
Full Payment is required via online ordering 
5% service fee will be added by credit card merchant

Do we accept last minute bookings?

Do contact us at 9823 6427 for us to check on our availabilty slots.  

If I dont consume Brown Rice, can I request for White Rice?

Yes, do let us know and we will make arrangements.